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Inman Aligners

February 9th, 2015

From the desk of Dr. Fass

Do you have crowding in your lower front teeth? You’re not alone. In fact, teeth are constantly moving towards the front of the mouth and trying to crowd to the middle which leads to more crowding as we get older. Some find the appearance objectionable while others have discomfort due to the crowding, or even have the upper teeth begin to shift because of the force of the lowers. Read More »

High Tech Orthodontics

October 9th, 2014

Our future involves a huge amount of technology, and dentistry is no exception. With the advent of computer modeling and imaging, new treatment modes are fast becoming available and even the norm. Read More »

Changing Faces Without Braces

August 28th, 2014

Straightening children teeth has become very common in this country. A nice smile has been shown to be an advantage in both personal and business environments and early orthodontics is the most effective way of attaining that winning smile. Read More »


August 14th, 2014

The good news is that we’re all living longer. But with this longer life come some challenges to keep our bodies healthy to enjoy these additional years. Among these challenges is the drive to keep our natural teeth. Read More »

Changing Faces Without Braces

August 1st, 2013

There are a host of new orthodontic options for both adults and children that do not involve the use of traditional brackets and wires.  Most have heard of brands like Invisalign® for adults that involve clear aligners to gradually move teeth and correct the bite.  Another class of treatment devices are the functional appliances. Read More »


August 16th, 2012

We have become used to seeing children with braces to straighten their teeth and give them a lifetime of great looking smiles.  But the sight of adults wearing braces has also become more common. Read More »


July 30th, 2012

Did you know that one of the first things that people notice about you is your smile? In study after study, the smile was at or near the top of the list in everything from job interviews to political campaigns. Read More »

Gaps Between Front Teeth

June 13th, 2012

There are many instances where natural gaps between front teeth are quite esthetically pleasing (think of Lauren Hutton) or individually characteristic (the British actor Terry Thomas). Read More »


February 16th, 2012

In my last article I discussed the reason for most crowding due to physiologic mesial drift (see our web site to read the article).  What are some of the ways to correct crowding? Read More »

Not So Extreme Makeovers

October 21st, 2011

Have you been watching the make over shows lately?  They portray some quite remarkable and amazing transformations of individuals who want to improve their overall esthetic appearance.  This is done in the “Many weeks condensed to one hour” format that only television can provide.  But how realistic is the result? Read More »

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