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The Practice Philosophy

Dr. Fass and Dr. Edwards maintain a practice philosophy that encourages the prevention of dental disease and associated problems. They understand the relationship between "a healthy mouth and a healthy body" and are continually educating their patients about the overall importance of maintaining optimal home care techniques and proper dietary habits. The patient's role in dental treatment is a collaborative one, working together with the dentists and the dental hygienists.

Both doctors are residents and active members of the Altamont community, and regularly participate in philanthropic and volunteer efforts around the region. They strongly support the Community Caregivers, the Altamont Public Library, the statewide "Donated Dental Services" and "Give Kids a Smile" initiatives, the Northeast Regional Food Bank, and many other worthwhile charitable programs. They also participate in the state assisted Medicaid program for under-privileged residents of the Village of Altamont.

Dr. Fass and Dr. Edwards recognize the importance of continuing dental education as an integral part of their ongoing professional development. They regularly attend seminars and courses which directly benefit the way they are able to treat their patients. The office utilizes the strictest measures of sterilization and infection control, honors patient integrity and confidentiality, enjoys access to ever evolving modern dental technology, and uses a reputable and experienced New York State dental laboratory.

The staff of dental hygienists, dental assistants, and administrative personnel is the backbone of the practice. Their combined experience and long lasting relationship with the doctors is a wonderful benefit for the patients. The staff takes a very active role in ensuring patient comfort and happiness. As a team, they are always happy to welcome new patients to the practice and to keep the practice moving forward.

Dr. Fass and Dr. Edwards enjoy their profession, the ways in which they are able to help their patients, and their active participation in the local neighborhood and wider regional community.

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