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Dentistry in the Last 35 Years

December 18th, 2014

From the desk of Dr. Fass

My, how things have changed. In the last 35 years the dental office has become quite a different place that provides many new procedures and products in a very different environment.
Let’s start with the changes in staff attire. Can you believe we were practicing without gloves! That’s right, it was common to don gloves only for surgical procedures and for all others dentists were “wet fingered”. No special protective gear was required at that time, although we were wearing glasses and masks even then. But a far cry from the gowns, gloves and masks we wear today. Speaking of glasses, we wore regular glasses and not the magnifying telescopes with auxiliary lighting we use now.
Most dental handpieces (drills) were wiped with alcohol or a disinfectant between patients. And none had the fiber optic lighting built in. In fact, those hand pieces were incapable of being sterilized. With the new ceramic bearings and high heat fiber optics, hand pieces can now be properly sterilized with all other instruments.
Silver fillings were the rule and tooth colored fillings were relatively new. Bonding agents allowed for rudimentary bonding to enamel only unlike the current enamel and dentin bonding that functions so well. Light cured fillings that harden with a blue light were on a distant horizon back then. And continuing technology advances have provided us with advanced ceramic material for crowns and even all ceramic bridges.
Why the look backward 35 years? It’s hard to believe that we opened our doors 35 years ago in December of 1979. Many of our patients have been with us for a long time and have become friends over the years. We have staff who have been with us for 25 and 30 years as well. They are truly family.
As we reach the end of the year and holiday season we can only give thanks for the many wonderful years and wonderful people in our lives. Altamont has been a great place to live and work and we hope to continue for many more years. Thank you and happy holidays and a peaceful and healthy new year.

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