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Halloween Time Again

October 28th, 2014

From the desk of Dr. Fass

Did you follow my advice last year and stock up on inexpensive little gifts and toys to hand out instead of candy? OK, you’re probably not alone and the kids don’t mind the candy. Just remember to keep it in check and limit the frequency of sweets while encouraging proper home care. And no opening the candy wrappers with teeth. They really aren’t built to be used as tools or scissors.

But let’s also keep the holiday safe. Remind your kids that streets still have cars driving in them and they need to be alert when crossing. Make sure their costumes are brightly colored or have them carry chemical light sticks and/or flashlights at night. I tell the kids to always assume the driver of the car doesn’t see them.
While we’re on costume design, make sure they aren’t too bulky and be careful not to limit their vision too much. Tripping on obstacles or even sidewalk cracks can lead to injury and it’s all too common in outfits that limit what the wearer can see. And if you are planning a long night out, make sure the shoes are comfortable and the outfit isn’t too heavy. Remember, it’s supposed to be fun.
Have a happy Halloween.

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