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Changing Faces Without Braces

August 1st, 2013

There are a host of new orthodontic options for both adults and children that do not involve the use of traditional brackets and wires.  Most have heard of brands like Invisalign® for adults that involve clear aligners to gradually move teeth and correct the bite.  Another class of treatment devices are the functional appliances.
Used primarily for children who are in the growing years, the Occlus-o-Guide® brand appliances are worn for just 4 hours a day and all night to guide growth and development of the jaws and correct many bite problems.  Functional appliances utilize the patients own muscles to put force on teeth to move them.  Because the patient is applying the forces, they are generally greater than those applied by other methods, either wires or aligners.  But because the patients can feel if the teeth begin to hurt, they can limit the force so as not to apply too much force.  The result is that treatment can progress much faster.  In fact, the average case for a 10 – 12 year old child is usually done in just 12 months.
Now admittedly, not every child is a candidate for this type of therapy.  In fact only about 1 in 5 will be treated this way.  And it requires a child who will cooperate and wear the appliance as prescribed.  But when the factors are all correct, the effectiveness and cost are quite surprising.  In fact the cost of treatment can be as much as 75% less than traditional orthodontic treatment.
Other advantages to the Occlus-o-Guide include the fact that it is only worn for 4 hours a day and allows for normal speaking and eating in between use.  With proper wear, the speed of results is quite surprising.  Kids who finish treatment then use the same appliance as a retainer for nighttime wear and since treatment can start as the last baby teeth are being lost, the course of wear is often complete much earlier than traditional braces.

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