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June 20th, 2013

The spring season brings the return to the outdoors for sports.  With the emphasis on sports growing, unfortunately so have the resulting injuries to players.  Many of these are preventable with proper equipment.
Sports like football, hockey and lacrosse require helmets and mouth protection for all players and injury to teeth is relatively rare in these games.  Other sports do not always encourage mouth guard use.  The sport with the most dental injuries now is basketball where mouth protection is not often used and sports with high contact, like rugby, often put teeth at risk.
Part of the problem is the equipment used.  Over-the-counter mouth guards that are fit by boiling and hand pressing to the teeth usually fit loosely and do not allow for good communication or breathing.  The solution is a professionally made device that is vacuum formed on a model of the teeth by your dentist.  It is tight fitting allowing for talking, drinking and easy wear.  This comfort encourages better wearing habits and the tight fit provides superior protection.
And remember, those backyard games can be just as dangerous.  There’s no rule against proper equipment, even in your own driveway.

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