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The Perfect Holiday Gift

November 20th, 2012

Are you starting your holiday shopping yet?  It seems the flow of catalogs and advertising starts earlier every year, so we would like to make a suggestion.  Maybe instead of hunting for another piece of technology or bling, you can help contribute to someone’s health.
With today’s economy, many people are delaying some of their health care needs due to finances.  We see the news reports about seniors who can’t afford some of their medications and others who have to choose between various health care needs and paying everyday necessary bills.  It’s a terrible choice to have to make.
So consider helping some of your loved ones with assistance in their health care for the holidays.  A gift card for some needed eyeglasses, assistance for some medication needs, a gym or weight loss organization membership, or maybe a gift card for some needed dentistry.  Many patients have unmet dental needs due to finances.  They might require cosmetic or restorative care or even new dentures.  These are gifts that truly contribute to a better lifestyle.
Gift cards in any denomination are available in our office for our patients of record or for new patients.  Think about it for a memorable holiday present.
It has been often researched and shown that a nice smile is at the top of most lists for those who interview potential job candidates.  With so many looking for work, it’s often that small edge at an interview that lands the final job offer.  We often think of cosmetic dentistry as a luxury, you know the bride and groom whitening their teeth before the wedding for the photos.  But, in fact, chipped, crooked or decayed teeth can impact the impression that we make on others.  Having a healthy mouth can often decrease missed work days from dental problems as well.

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