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Organized Dentistry

July 11th, 2012


          The profession of dentistry within the State of New York has a well structured system of organization which offers many benefits to both dentists and patients across the state.  This system consists of three different levels of organization… the American Dental Association, the New York State Dental Association, and the local district dental society (for Albany County, the local society is known as the Third District.)  The privilege of membership in this three tier system is optional for practicing dentists, and the benefits of “belonging to the organization” are multi-dimensional.  Both doctors in our Altamont practice are active members at all three levels, and the direct benefits to our patients have grown throughout the years.

          The many opportunities for formal continuing education, regularly published updates in clinical practice, awareness of constant research and development within the profession, organizational rules and regulations which continually improve direct patient care, and spirited involvement in community health screening and educational programs are some examples of the benefits of membership.  Furthermore, organized dentistry’s active roles in the “peer review” process and in the maintenance of strict ethical values for its members are crucial ingredients in regulating the highest possible standards of care for our patients.  These are very special monitoring systems to benefit the public, which are only available to patients whose dentists are members of organized dentistry.

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