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Dental Treatment and Medical Conditions

June 20th, 2012

The mouth can be a two way street when it comes to your health.  Not only will dental disease affect other systems throughout the body but disease elsewhere can often show as signs or symptoms in the mouth. Remember that the mouth is the only part of the inside of the body that can be viewed directly from the outside.
But dental treatment need not affect other aspects of medical care.  For most dental appointments, whether for a checkup ,fillings, or other work, you need not interrupt your medical routines.  You should never discontinue normal medications or interrupt your normal diet for dental appointments.  It can make treatment much more difficult if you have a late morning appointment and you choose to skip breakfast.  Your body is hypoglycemic (lacking enough sugar) and you can’t feel comfortable in general.  Skipping normal medications can lead to poor medical outcomes.  This includes anti-coagulant medications.
Many people today take a daily aspirin to help prevent blood clots that can lead to stroke.  At one time it was common to discontinue these medications for dental appointments as it was presumed that increased bleeding would result in the mouth.  The fact is that nobody bleeds seriously from a dental procedure, including a tooth extraction.  But a stroke resulting from missing medication can be life threatening.  Never change your normal routines without first talking to your physician and dentist.

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