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Direct Reimbursement Dental Plans

May 25th, 2012

As businesses attempt to compete in today’s very difficult financial environment, many expenses need to be considered.  As a result, some companies, especially smaller ones, might consider dental insurance as too large an expense to provide.  They should be aware that they have an option that is often overlooked called Direct Reimbursement.
Here’s how it works.  A company decides how much it wants to pay towards the employees dental care.  Usually the plans pay a percentage of the charges, up to a yearly maximum.  Each year, the amount is renewed.  That’s about all there is to it.  The patient goes to whichever dental office he or she wants and has whatever the patient and dentist decide is appropriate treatment.  There are no riders, no exclusions and no third party involved.  The employee brings a paid receipt to work and gets reimbursed for the appropriate amount.
For the employer, there is no risk beyond the amount that is pre determined.  The amount stays the same each year, as there are no premiums to increase.  The plan is totally under their control.  After several years, the plans usually have a reserve of unused funds which can be used to fund future years or to increase benefit levels.
The American Dental Association will assist companies in setting up the plans.  It requires a very small amount of paperwork initially and can be very easy to administer without an outside accountant or processor.

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