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Trick or Treat

October 30th, 2011

Well it’s almost that time again.  Time for a fun day and evening in our communities with parties, costumes, and sugar overload.  One night of overindulgence certainly won’t hurt most healthy people.  But we know that much of the collected candy can hang around the house for a week or longer.
Remember that it isn’t the amount of sugar that grows the bacteria in the mouth but the frequency that it is taken in.  Better to have 3 or 4 candy snacks all at once rather than spread out over several hours (at least from the point of view of dental health and prevention).  It’s even harder to control since much of the candy is packaged in smaller portions that beg to be popped in the mouth at regular intervals.
So here’s the point.  Let your kids (and you) have a fun holiday and enjoy the parties and neighborhood activities.  After it’s over, go back to the normal routine.  It’s a great time to teach your kids a lesson or two about healthy habits and self control.  Some of the excess candy can be donated to various charitable groups who send it to food pantries and to people in the armed services.
And what about your party or your door?  Consider some alternatives to candy and sweets.  Stickers, small toys, and even a few pennies or a nickel will satisfy most trick-or-treaters.  Our house is well known in the village.  We’re the ones who hand out the black and orange Halloween toothbrushes.
You might be able to find some clever treats online at inexpensive party sites.  Even better, plan for next year by visiting one of the many Halloween stores just before the holiday or maybe the day after.  Pick up some gifts for next year at 50% – 75% off and put them away.

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