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Not So Extreme Makeovers

October 21st, 2011

Have you been watching the make over shows lately?  They portray some quite remarkable and amazing transformations of individuals who want to improve their overall esthetic appearance.  This is done in the “Many weeks condensed to one hour” format that only television can provide.  But how realistic is the result?
Well the simple answer is that the results are quite real.  The discomfort, recovery times and long term results are sometimes minimized and often, the hair, makeup and clothing shown require quite a bit of upkeep.  But the results of the surgical and dental procedures are undeniably quite good.  But how necessary or even desirable is this type of extreme make over for the average person?
From the dental point of view, some simple techniques can make a surprising difference in appearance.  Tooth whitening or veneers can make stained, discolored teeth brighter and more evenly colored.  Crowns for teeth with large fillings can make them look like perfect, unrestored teeth.  Combinations of crowns and veneers can make crooked teeth appear straighter.  And adult orthodontics has become a more common and acceptable option to correct more severe crowding and misalignment.  Some make overs require new full or partial dentures that have reached the end of their useful lives.
These not so extreme dental options can yield very striking results in a relatively short time and can yield a lifetime of low maintenance smiles.
While the makeovers on TV generally happen all at once, it is perfectly acceptable to phase in your dental work over time.  A long term plan may include a crown each year for several years until your final result is achieved. Some aesthetic procedures in the front of the mouth are better done all at once, but you can plan and save for these so that they can be completed over time for an excellent result.

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